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Medesole is one of the leading supplier of health care products in Middle east and India.

Vision to improve the patient care, Medesole began journey in early2000's.In between the last few years we have strengthened our resolves and our harmonized endeavors in health care provider segment so as to identify us as a leading provider of Medical/Dental Equipments and disposables. Medesole believes that better health care can be provided only by better technology and this is the key factor that leads us to success. Medesole's mission is to dynamically realize and analyze the Medical/Dental/veterinary equipments, Consumables ,Disposables and Health care IT products.


Latest news Latest news

  • List Img Medesole proud to be part of world class health providing nation Qatar.
  • List Img Medesole enters into Physiotherapy/Sleep Medicine market in Qatar.
  • List Img Sleep Disorder noted as a major health problem, Medesole enters new venture to serve this field.

Our Products our Products


list_icon  Respiratory/Gastroenterology
list_icon  Gynecology/Neonatology/Pediatric
list_icon  Laboratory/Diagnostics
list_icon  ENT/Audiology
list_icon  Interventional Surgery
list_icon  Radiology/Oncology
list_icon  Physiotherapy / Orthopedics / Rehabilitation / Sports    Medicine
list_icon  General/Laparoscopic Surgery
list_icon  Neurology/Critical Care/Emergency Medicine
list_icon  Drug Analysis/Narcotic Detection Support


list_icon  Endodontic
list_icon  Orthodontics
list_icon  Minimal intervention dentistry
list_icon  Prosthodontics
list_icon  Pediatric
list_icon  Preventive Dentistry
list_icon  Periodontics
list_icon  Oral and Maxillofacial   Surgery
list_icon  Dento-maxillofacial   Radiology
list_icon  Oral Pathology
list_icon  Oral medicine


list_icon  Neurology / CriticalCare / EmergencyMedicine
list_icon  Ophthalmic
list_icon  Diagnostics
list_icon  General orthopedics

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